Tuesday, September 30, 2014

12113: White Is The New Black.

Advertising Week features a seminar titled: Performance is the New Black. Of course, there are no Blacks involved. It’s actually symbolic of AWXI, since there don’t appear to be any Black-focused seminars, workshops or special events at the annual soiree—besides the entertainment vehicles starring Black recording artists.

As previously mentioned, even Here Are All The Black People isn’t here, having been shifted to the previous week. There will be no discussions on diversity. Zero PowerPoint presentations detailing the buying power of Black consumers. Zip conversations chronicling cross-cultural case studies. Nada internships, scholarships or inner-city searches for future Black talent. Don’t expect a cameo appearance from Cyrus Mehri either. In short, AWXI has experienced a total Black blackout.

The Marcus Graham Project recently created an infographic showing that Black representation in the advertising industry has declined over the years. It looks like AWXI accurately reflects the sad reality.

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