Monday, September 24, 2018

14306: Bogusky Baloney.

Advertising Age published a lengthy interview with CP+B Chief Creative Engineer Alex Bogusky—via email with no follow-up opportunities—who declared, “I don’t have any interest in a reunion tour … the second time around will be very different.” Not surprisingly, Bogusky’s careful communication completely avoided the industry’s current political and social climates. That is, he dodged diversity and divertsity, despite the fact that his CP+B predecessor is embroiled in legal actions involving alleged sexual harassment and wrongful termination tied to social media. And it could be argued that MDC Partners is struggling due to greed and corruption at the company’s core. Bogusky has routinely displayed disdain for the kind of corporate irresponsibility executed at the upper echelons of MDC Partners, so it will be interesting to see how he connects with Scott Kauffman’s replacement. As for diversity/divertsity, Bogusky has routinely displayed cultural cluelessness in these areas. Does Bogusky realize the second time around will be very different, due in large part to the industry being very different—at least in terms of baloney and bullshit? Stay tuned.

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