Sunday, June 18, 2006

Essay 705

More borderline insanity in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• The southern border is still a major problem, with folks legally and illegally crossing over for the jobs regular citizens no longer want (pictured above). Governmental and law enforcement officials debate controversial tactics to deal with the flow of immigrants. The continuing saga in the U.S.? Nope, it’s Mexico’s own immigration dilemma, as people from nearly two dozen other countries flow into the country. The New York Times published a story titled, “Mexico Worries About Its Own Southern Border.” Click on the essay title above to check it out.

• Texas ranchers, tired of illegal immigrants damaging cattle fences while crossing the border, have set up ladders to solve the problem. But most potential border jumpers ignore the assistance, fearing the ladders are traps monitored by the Border Patrol. The ranchers would probably be more effective posing as smugglers with beat-up vans.

• The National Guard is poised to officially begin working along the border today. “The Jump Start operation has begun,” said a Border Patrol spokesman. “They are being issued orders and are being processed and trained. … The National Guard is not going to be involved in any law enforcement mission. … Actual arrests, seizures, custodial — none of that stuff. The Border Patrol agents are the ones trained to determine probable cause, effect arrests, and it is impossible to bring the National Guard up to speed on that.” Additionally, most of the troops will be unarmed. So exactly what will the National Guard be doing? Setting up ladders for cattle ranchers?

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