Friday, December 07, 2007

Essay 4806

The letter below appeared in the December 3 issue of Adweek, and demonstrates the rights of all U.S. citizens to write moronic missives containing every stereotypical, unoriginal thought imaginable…


Radio Host: Imus No Disgrace

Here’s what I don’t get.

[Your Nov. 3 story on Don Imus, “Imus Returns, but New Show May Be Tough Sell,”] refers to Imus as “disgraced.” Oh, so? For what, exactly? For saying exactly the same thing that hip-hop music stations run 24/7? Is Clear Channel a disgraced company because they run hip-hop formats?

You refer to the Rev. Al Sharpton, but nary a descriptive word such as “disgraced” [is used]. Remember the Tawana Brawley scandal? That was a REAL disgrace.

Understand that I’m no Imus junkie, and I thought his comment about the girls basketball team was out of line. But in today’s world, where Clinton has sex with Monica, Obama admits to cocaine use, Hillary still can’t explain the Rose Law Firm billing records, Jesse Jackson had an out-of-wedlock child, it’s Imus that’s disgraced?

Cut me some slack.

Lynn Woolley
Radio talk show host
The Lynn Woolley Show
Temple, Texas


Bruce said...

I think you covered all bases. As an Imus fan for 35 years I saw some trouble with his 3 word statement at 6:14AM on April 4th. But never in my wildest dreams did I think he should have received the attention the media gave him. And to be fired for that? It was a joke I thought. Well that is behind us now. And Imus is back and getting back in the groove slowly but surely.

Controversy made him popular. But still they attack him when he is watching his every word.

Is it hatred of the man, envy, jealousy? I don't know, but WABC is not going to buy any of it. They (Citadel Broadcasting) will not give Sharpton and his lynching party, nor the N.A.B.J or N.O.W. an audience. Good for them.

Thanks for your most positive blog.

HighJive said...

um, you're welcome...?

Anonymous said...

You're so cool highjive.

on a lark said...

wait! is that the twilight-zone theme song i hear?...