Monday, October 05, 2009

7155: Derek Walker On The Army.

MultiCultClassics admits to having had disagreements with Derek Walker in the past; however, the conflicts were usually rooted in tactics versus objectives. Additionally, MultiCultClassics has always viewed Walker with the greatest respect. The commentary below—posted at in response to the call to arms presented in Essay 7150—demonstrates why we love Derek Walker.

The first thing wrong with the advertising industry efforts to address diversity is the tone of this piece. I find it insulting.

Please stop telling people that have been kicked around by this industry that we must be positive about things now. Should we be dancing also?

Stop telling us what we “must” do. We have been doing, we are the ones who despite being ignored and shunned, look over and passed by, have continued to hang in here waiting for our shot. We are the ones who have not told this industry what it can do with itself, and walked away.

From your past actions or inactivity, you have not earned the right to ride in here and assume the position of commander and chief, and tell us what to do. If anything you should have invited us to the table to discuss how we can finally achieve peace on this matter. We are equals, and should be addressed as such.

Not since Ed Wax have we heard anything like an apology for the way we have been treated, so why should there be any trust between us. Everyone wants to move forward while ignoring the damage that past actions have caused — that’s not realistic.

Too much has happened and the wounds are too fresh for us to simply say, “Okay, let’s forget about that and move on.”

”Positive” change has always been a result of a “negative” confrontation. The Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Rights and Gay rights have all come about because someone decided to be “negative” and point out inequalities.

This effort without voices like Harry Webber is useless. You had a chance to do right and years later what do we have? Us starting all over again.

And you expect us to follow you? Then learn how to speak to us and be willing to listen to both the positive and the negative.

I’m glad you have decided to do something, again. But you need to take this show on the road, visiting smaller markets to get a real picture of what is going on.

—Derek Walker

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Anonymous said...

This is chess.

Bob, Nancy, and the GM agencies are co-signing diversity organizations run by minorities, that are setup to fail and are funded by the same gm agencies who refuse to acknowledge these same minorities.


Meanwhile these organizations have no say in who gets hired, but are promoting meaningless award shows and clueless minorities who deep down know they cant win a game they didn't create.