Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7173: Comments Commentary.

Not surprisingly, the Hadji Williams perspective on minority shops’ inability to win AOR status inspired a fair number of comments. Can’t say there were many new viewpoints, as the topic is pretty common knowledge—especially among regulars at The Big Tent. Of course, at least one culturally clueless jackass with racist tendencies joined the thread, spewing the contrived condemnations and lecturing the group on America’s post-racial society. It’s never clear exactly how well these individuals represent Madison Avenue. That is, are they renegade bigots or typical of the standard White adperson? Would they protest the ADCOLOR® Army or enlist?

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Anonymous said...

me thinks that minorities are stuck between ms.warren and hadji plan. At one end they want to be peaceful and keep the meaningless diversity organizations and at the other hand you have folks who want to keep it real and bring it right to these same agencies. you cant have it both ways. I listened to the podcast and you know what as long as agencies are hiring these diversity officers to keep the heat of the real scumbags this thing will go on for decades. the token few minorities that work at these gm agencies need to voice their concern as well, once these agencies see a collective voice I think they will make changes.