Friday, July 26, 2013

11303: Brand Disloyalty Towards Blacks.

Adweek reported on a study measuring the feelings that Black consumers have towards brands and marketing. Not sure about the value of these types of surveys. Has positive data ever resulted in increased spending to target Black consumers? To get the true story, simply follow the trail of crumbs. Perhaps the figures would change if Black consumers realized how even the brands they love undervalue them in regards to advertising—and discriminate against them via partnering with predominately White advertising agencies.

Adidas Makes Gains Among Black Consumers, L’Oréal Lags

Brand study reveals the demo’s feelings toward marketing

By Christopher Heine

Adidas, E*Trade, Geico and Land Rover are a few of the brands that have made the biggest gains in terms of positive awareness among black teenagers and adults during the last year, per NewMediaMetrics (NMM).

NMM, which surveyed 3,400 African Americans ages 13 to 64 about brand-related “emotional attachment,” found that Land Rover was the most popular brand across product categories while Lexus, Nike and Mercedes-Benz trailed closely behind as the luxury car niche showed well.

Honda and Toyota were the most popular economy car brands, while Hennessy (beer/alcohol), Walmart (retail), Starbucks (beverages), Clorox (households), Kelloggs (edible consumer-packaged goods), Aflac (insurance), Visa (credit cards), Charles Schwab (financial) and Joe’s Crab Shack (restaurants) led their respective categories.

Overall, 35 brands improved their demo-focused NMM index scores by 15 points or more compared to last year, said Gary Reisman, CEO of the New York-based marketing and research firm. He said Kohls, Verizon, Oscar Mayer Lunchables, and Expedia are other examples.

While nonanalysts might be surprised that Converse beats more prolific shoe sellers like Reebok and New Balance when it comes to favorable awareness with African Americans, Reisman said that result jibed with what he’s seen in the space. “Converse has done some fantastic product integrations and nontraditional marketing and advertising,” he explained.

Brands losing their emotional connection to black consumers during the last 12 months, per NMM, include L’Oréal, Prudential, Farmers, Travelers, Nationwide, Droid and Vonage.

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