Tuesday, January 06, 2015

12368: Mono-Cultural McMimickry.

Adweek reviewed the regurgitated “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign, noting that it resembles the 2013 Oreos “Wonderfilled” campaign. The Adweek critique is an insult to the Oreos concept. Actually, the 2015 Mickey D’s advertising idea is a lame, lily-White copycat of the 2003 Mickey D’s advertising idea. “Consumers will hear, see, feel our new attitude in our marketing and in our restaurants,” promised former Mickey D’s CMO Larry Light when introducing “I’m Lovin’ It” over a decade ago. “It’s much more than just a new tag line or commercials—it’s a new way of thinking about and expressing our worldwide brand appeal to the consumer.” Current Mickey D’s CMO Deborah Wahl pretty much parroted Light’s summation—sprinkled with contemporary gobbledygook—to describe the latest McShit. The original “I’m Lovin’ It” launched with soundtracks by Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, which offered some worldwide crossover appeal. Leo Burnett’s interpretation of the global idea for the megabrand feels very local from a planetary perspective, at least in terms of being US-based with its American pop culture imagery and White music. Hell, there’s barely cross-cultural charm for North America. But that’s to be expected from those wonderful White folks who gave you NO.2.66.

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