Thursday, January 08, 2015

12374: IoT And IDIoT.

Adweek videotaped Omnicom Media Group CEO Daryl Simm gushing about all the potential opportunities posed by the Internet of Things. This really shows why executives for advertising and media agencies are digital dummies. That is, they primarily view digital technologies as potential media vehicles, wondering how to wedge a lame banner or mediocre video into the experience. Hell, the majority of advertising and media wonks probably think IoT is another acronym à la LOL or TTFN. In Simm’s case, IoT leads to IDIoT—and CES essentially stands for Client Entertainment & Schmoozing, as evidenced by Omnicom Media Group’s soirée at Hyde Bellagio. Simm likely used his various devices to connect clients with Vegas hookers. That’s how Madison Avenue maximizes the Internet of Things.

Why This Agency Chief Is Stoked About the ‘Internet of Things’

It’s all about connection for Omnicom’s Daryl Simm

By Michael Bürgi

Omnicom Media Group held a party for its clients and bigwigs at Hyde Bellagio to kick off this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Adweek caught up with host Daryl Simm, chairman and CEO, who firmly believes the Internet of Things—and the connections it enables that were unheard of just a few years ago—holds huge potential for his clients, even if it still needs to mature some more. Simm also drew a parallel to CES itself, which has become a powerful connector of people at the beginning of the year.

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