Sunday, January 11, 2015

12386: Mad Men Don’t Change.

Adweek reported the final seven installments of AMC series Mad Men will begin airing April 5, playing off the theme: “People do change, but in a lot of ways, they don’t, unfortunately.” Additionally, Creator Matthew Weiner said the last episodes refocus on the six core characters. In other words, don’t expect to see much from Dawn Chambers, which is actually in keeping with the theme on a couple of levels.

First, Mad Men is staying true to modern-day Madison Avenue in that minorities remain invisible servants. Plus, Black representation is declining in the TV program and the real world.

Second, Weiner is not changing, unfortunately, in his cultural cluelessness. His inability to figure out how to integrate non-Whites into his story is painfully obvious. Hell, reflecting the nepotism so prevalent in the advertising industry, expect Weiner’s son to receive more screen time than Don Draper’s secretary.

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Lowell said...

Tell it, High!

Looks like my Mad Invisible Men & Women treatise is way least for Matt.