Thursday, January 15, 2015

12399: Showing Truth Takes Integrity.

Adfreak reported on the latest advertiser and White advertising agency to jump on the liberal lifestyle bandwagon: Nikon and McCann New York with a video featuring gay fathers with their daughters. It’s always annoying to see such inclusive campaigns coming from White advertising agencies where exclusivity thrives.

McCann New York is a particularly pesky firm. Despite the agency’s iconic “Truth Well Told” tagline, the truth regarding its diversity is not fully, clearly or well told. The agency has elevated executives for the stereotypical diversity-committed roles—and even publicly praised its Chief Diversity Officer for bringing change to the organization—yet there is never open and transparent sharing of the transformation. On the flipside, there are plenty of examples that demonstrate McCann’s cultural cluelessness.

The Lewis family showed the honesty and courage to reveal their truths. Why doesn’t McCann exhibit some integrity and do likewise? Hey, producing open-minded advertising trumps diversity.

The Famous Gay Dads From Instagram Are Now Starring in This Sweet Nikon Commercial

Taking their photography game to the next level

By Alfred Maskeroni

Gay couple Kordale and Kaleb Lewis gained unexpected stardom by posting a photo of themselves and their daughters getting ready in their bathroom for the day ahead.

The Instagram snap went viral, with many people lauding their obvious love and care for their daughters while others, well—they were less than enthused, because they live in a bubble, under a bridge or somewhere in the past.

Well, now the Lewises have their first commercial deal. They teamed up with Nikon for an endearing look at their family and explain their experience of viral fame.

“This is us every day getting up at 5:30 in the morning and getting our daughters ready for school—and it was a simple innocent picture,” says Kaleb. “Kordale was just like, ‘I’m just letting ya’ll know what I have to deal with’—and the next thing you know, it went viral and I’m still amazed like, ‘Why’d this picture go viral?’”

The spot comes off as a well-shot home movie, but is still a delightful glimpse into this modern family’s life. And meanwhile, here’s the photo that started it all:

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