Monday, January 05, 2015

12366: Choosy Moms Choose Exclusivity.

At Campaign, Nicole Kemp presented “15 ways to embrace change in 2015”—along with advice that read, “The new year brings with it the opportunity to supercharge your career and challenge the status quo.”

The 15 ways included the following linked quote from AMV BBDO Group Chairman-CEO and White Adwoman Cilla Snowball:

Um, couldn’t help but notice that “RACIST” is not part of the quote, despite evidence and acknowledgment for the institutionalized exclusivity in the UK advertising industry. Of course, what can one expect from the leader of a White advertising agency proud to have produced the Guinness Africa Made From Black campaign? Indeed, people should choose who you work for carefully. Snowball’s cultural cluelessness also clearly demonstrates that both the alleged dearth of dames and ageism routinely trump diversity.

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