Saturday, January 03, 2015

12360: Chevy’s Colorado Car Wreck.

Chevrolet rolled out a new 2015 Colorado truck commercial—created by McCann Commonwealth—that can only be described as a car wreck. After all the high-priced politics, consolidations and firings, Chevrolet manages to produce thoroughly forgettable advertising that could have been hatched by a local dealership’s in-house promotional department. Besides being extraordinarily White, the contrived and clichéd commercial counters its Find New Roads™ tagline; that is, the spot reflects a road well traveled—to mediocrity. Additionally disturbing are the many comments at YouTube praising the commercial and/or linking to Chevrolet dealers. It smacks of the Deutsch LA Twitter fiasco, where the FTC ultimately charged that the agency misled consumers with positive tweets from Deutsch staffers. Yep, it’s yet another road well traveled—to digital dumbness and deception.

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