Friday, January 23, 2015

12426: Why AgencySpy Will Die.

A recent MultiCultClassics post examined the Adweek Blog Network, pointing out how the updated AgencySpy was fucked up on multiple levels. A recent AgencySpy post confirmed the contentions, as one of the editorial chimps—Patrick Coffee—tried to explain what was going on with the site. In a Q&A format, monkey boy included the following:

Did you kill the comments forever??

Agency PR people will be very disappointed to learn that the answer is no. It’s true that Disqus has been inconsistent this week, but it should be back to normal by next week — and as soon as it starts behaving, you can resume commenting as you see fit…with the understanding that we can delete and blacklist you if you get especially nasty or impersonate other people.

This statement underscores the ignorance of Coffee and crew, as well as ensures the inevitable demise of AgencySpy.

First, the disclaimer about the chimps’ prerogative to “delete or blacklist” comments and comment creators is pathetic. If AgencySpy wants to dictate such rules, why not make it public and specific versus simply allowing the chimps to make editorial judgments on their own?

Second, the new layout demonstrates the stupidity of the site owners. As everyone knows, AgencySpy exists for comments. To hide the comments and require visitors to scroll through useless content to access them shows the designers have zero UX skills. More importantly, it proves the site owners do not grasp the basic appeal of AgencySpy.

Third, if the true goal is to transform AgencySpy into a legitimate trade journal, then the chimps must be replaced with competent reporters. Plus, someone will have to strategize a fresh perspective to offer. Given the fact that Adweek has struggled to be relevant over the years, it’s odd that anyone in the Adweek Blog Network might believe introducing a poor-man’s version of a trade journal is a good idea. It’s Advertising 101: If you don’t have a unique selling proposition, you won’t succeed.

Oh, and if you insist on letting the chimps rule—as opposed to hiring writers capable of delivering original content—don’t be surprised when visitors fling poop and abandon the smelly zoo.

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