Sunday, November 15, 2015

12934: Guessing Game.

Gee, White candidates don’t have to do much to qualify for a job in advertising.

From Ads Of The World.


Anonymous said...

A guessing game? A contest?

I'll take that over the usual method of staffing ad agency jobs, which is white friends telling white friends who get the inside track...

THEN everyone else gets to jump at leftovers, not knowing the job was already promised to someone else, even as it's halfheartedly posted online by the HR department and on "diversity" staffing websites.

At least this one was announced in public, that's better than 90% of the best agency jobs.

Anonymous said...

“Recently, we were at the 3 Percent Conference to support increasing the ratio of female creative directors within our industry. We are taking it a step further and going beyond the diversity demographics of gender, ethnicity and geographies to recognize the power of diverse thinking,” added global chief talent officer Martha Hiefield. “This commitment within our culture helps POSSIBLE bring a greater range of ideas to the table and drive creative work forward for our clients and their consumers.””


We’ve always hired white people.

We’re going to continue to hire white people.

Now and then we’ll hire white females, like we did here.

But we’ll muddy the waters by proudly proclaiming “diversity of thought!” so that no one digs deeper. That makes us SEEM diverse, when we’re just doing all-white business as usual.