Thursday, November 19, 2015

12942: 72andSegregated.

Adweek spotlighted the workspace at 72andSunny, unintentionally underscoring the exclusivity at the White advertising agency. A photo accompanying the piece (above) appears to depict minorities, but in the roles of receptionist and probably a mailroom attendant or delivery person. A peek at the company website shows the shop’s true colors—and the diversity forecast is far from sunny.

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Anonymous said...

It's an almost entirely, blindingly white agency the higher you go there.

There is one acceptable kind of ethnic at 72 and that's Exotic Foreigner. It's OK to be Dutch/Malaysian or Korean/British etc. but there's a rule where they have to LOUDLY PROCLAIM IT at all times so that no one ever confuses them with lowly American minorities.

There are some assistants and receptionists and whatever of color, but no American POC with any real power.