Tuesday, November 24, 2015

12947: Brazilian BS.

Not sure what this campaign from Brazil is supposed to communicate—besides the cultural cluelessness of Brazilian creatives.

From Ads Of The World.


Anonymous said...

It means all these Brazilian creative directors that are flooding into the USA, the ones the holding companies and agencies are holding up as proof of "diversity and multicultural expertise", are just a different kind of racist.

There is nothing Brazilian ad creatives love more than black cannibals boiling someone in a pot. South Americans in general just love that one.


Omnicom actually sent one of those racist Brazilian ad creators to the "Here Are All The Black People" events as proof of commitment to diversity. So expect more cannibal ads in the future.

Anonymous said...

Brazilian agencies gotta do what Brazilian agencies gotta do:


Remind me why Madison Avenue has a sudden hard on for bring racist anti black South Americans into our agencies again?

Anonymous said...

That's a shame ^^^^^^^^^

I actually love that wild kinky hair look... love black women who aren't scared to be black. I'm not saying I like afros in all of its forms, but a really nice one will turn my head every time.