Monday, November 16, 2015

12935: Discrimination Is POSSIBLE.

A MultiCultClassics visitor pointed to an AgencySpy post announcing C-level hires at WPP digital agency POSSIBLE that underscore the New Racism in the advertising industry. POSSIBLE Global CEO Shane Atchison declared, “We care about results and this leadership appointment strategy will herald a whole new level of positive growth at the agency, which is already burgeoning in terms of client work and staffing. Digital sits at the disruptive center of many industries. We see tremendous value in creating a modern agency that brings together a diverse team of people with unusual experiences, ideas and relationships from not only other agencies but the realms of media, software, startups and beyond.” POSSIBLE Global Chief Talent Officer Martha Hiefield chipped in, “Recently, we were at the 3 Percent Conference to support increasing the ratio of female creative directors within our industry. We are taking it a step further and going beyond the diversity demographics of gender, ethnicity and geographies to recognize the power of diverse thinking. This commitment within our culture helps POSSIBLE bring a greater range of ideas to the table and drive creative work forward for our clients and their consumers.” Funny how this breakthrough commitment to diversity ignores non-White people, save for a few token folks who appear to be of Asian descent. A peek at the POSSIBLE website’s people page indicates an inclusive workplace is imPOSSIBLE at the White digital agency.


NYNYNY_NJ said...

Don't get distracted by Possible's Latin@ names and faces. They are primarily out of Central American offices.

If you subtract the foreigners (because ad agencies don't hire US minorities) you're left with this primarily all white agency, boldly proclaiming they've "surpassed diversity" by going "beyond diversity" to "diversity of thought."

While still only hiring and employing white people in the US.

Orwellian. Or AdColor, same difference.

Anonymous said...


They are going BEYOND regular diversity to Diversity 2.0, which is like, mind-blowing... It's DIVERSITY INSIDE PEOPLE'S HEADS.

So now, white people who THINK THINGS are now more diverse than all of us ethnic folk!

Slow golf clap. Just brilliant.