Friday, March 03, 2006

Essay 448

A Friday night MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Illinois Governor Roy Blagojevich’s Discrimination and Hate Crimes Commission saw two members resign — because they hated another member. The two leading Jewish members took offense to working with a Nation of Islam official who wouldn’t condemn recent insulting remarks made by Minister Louis Farrakhan. Hey, you’d think the commission would be focused on combating discrimination and hate versus creating it.

• The Washington Post reported the Hyattsville City Council has initially approved a measure arguably designed to discriminate against immigrants. The proposal allows officials to check out the homes of folks renting rooms or basements, and even ask about the relationships of renters and homeowners. Immigrant advocates expressed concern over a guideline in the proposal that actually defines the extended family as relatives within “five degrees” of the homeowner. Sounds like the Hyattsville City Council put the bs is bias.

• Police have been collecting video evidence from the recent shooting involving Busta Rhymes. But now officials believe the footage has been edited to delete critical scenes. “Busta Rhymes is still not cooperating,” a police source remarked. “His attitude is ‘go f--- yourself.’” Guessing that shouldn’t be misread as “Go film yourself.”

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