Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Essay 501

Bikers, borders and boogie on a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• The NAACP settled their lawsuit with a restaurant chain that closed down during a Black biker rally three years ago in Myrtle Beach (see Essay 49). The suit charged that Black bikers were treated differently than White bikers who had held another rally a week earlier. The restaurant will pay $125,000 and agree to remain open during future rallies. The restaurant’s management should also be forced to watch Biker Boyz.

• The New York Times reported that immigration continues to grow as an election issue. The government has offered solutions like work permits and other programs. Others argue illegal immigrants should be arrested versus coddled. During a debate, one candidate snapped, “You cannot need the workers during the day, then go and hunt them at night.” A typical day in the U.S.? Actually, the story was detailing the situation in Italy.

• Dancing in the streets is not always a good thing. Philadelphia Eagles player Dhani Makalani Jones was arrested in Miami Beach for doing just that. The starting linebacker and a female companion were obstructing traffic with their moves, according to police. Maybe Jones hopes to replace NFL great Jerry Rice on “Dancing With The Stars.”

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