Saturday, September 05, 2009

7074: Overreaction Of The Week.

A visitor took exception to MultiCultClassics’ observation on the racial/ethnic makeup of the judges for The Big Ad Gig. But it is worth noting that a major sponsor of the event is Microsoft. MultiCultClassics originally defended the company during the recent Polish Photoshop® scandal. Maybe the support was premature, as the judging panel—like the Microsoft Polish Website image—is seemingly devoid of Blacks or Latinos (Memo to Anonymous: Please realize “seemingly” is inserted to avoid presuming too much about the individuals based on photos and short bios). Also like the Polish Website image, a judge of apparent Asian descent was permitted to participate. Perhaps Microsoft will see this post and insert a Black dude into the judging picture.


Anonymous said...

Heres the real problem with advertising and the big ad gig.

1) this is not a big opportunity

2) Its boring and lame idea to begin with. Why not just allow people to submit a portfolio. Judge them based on that alone.

3. This is not a opportunity of a lifetime. It just strokes the egos of alex bogusky and company. The days of people worshiping the ground so called "big creatives" walk on are over. The industry is in a freefall. You tell me this is the best way to attract "real talent". lol

4. Degrading yourself and saying "I deserve a Big Ad Gig." is as lame as it gets. Which moron would do this in public. lol

5. The ad industry is full of hacks fakes and frauds. The industry does not deserve real talent. These judges need to get over themselves. \\seriously.

6. This whole contest reaks of college frat boy humor. The funny part about it is only 6 entries have been entered. LOL!!

7.Whether you choose The Mall of America or your local petting zoo, the important thing is to make your declaration loudly and proudly to the general public: since they're going to be the ultimate judges of everything you create in Advertising, it's only fair that they be the first group to evaluate your work. --hahahahahahaa whoever thought of this thing is a moron.

9. No wonder why this industry cant attract any diversity.

Art Director said...

While I applaud the effort, the industry has been extremely adept at spinning a story any which way they see fit. This BIG AD GIG is a big charade. That's why nobody submitted vids to the contest. And the 4 entries that were submitted all have sucked. lol. No good creative wants to be part of crap. Bottom line. Were they hoping for some superstar creative to submit a video for a chance to be apart of some hack industry?

Most AD people are masters at reinventing themselves and "are practiced at the art.....of deception."\ Alex Bogusky knows this all to well, the whole thing is just microsoft self promotion. Look who the damn judges are. Saatchi wellness? Ogilvy?

Whats worse is, people that run the contest have been creating fake twitter accounts to promote this and people still aren't submitting videos.

When this thing fails, will hear some cooked up fake excuse as to why the big AD gig never took off the ground. I know its a recession but people still have their dignity.

After all these years,The powers that be still don't have a clue on how to recruit great talent? Ultimate FAIL!!!!!