Monday, September 07, 2009

7080: Milking Annie Leibovitz’s Misfortunes.

From The New York Times…

Leibovitz Faces Suit and Loan Deadline

Compiled by Rachel Lee Harris

Annie Leibovitz, whose financial troubles are lately more eye-catching than her Vanity Fair covers, has been sued by an Italian photographer, Paolo Pizzetti, BBC News reported. In the suit, filed in Manhattan federal court last week, Mr. Pizzetti asserts that Ms. Leibovitz, right, used images he photographed in April 2008, without permission or compensation, in an advertising campaign for Lavazza coffee. He is seeking a court order to stop the use of the images, as well as monetary damages for copyright infringement. A representative for Ms. Leibovitz declined to comment, BBC News said. The suit comes just before Ms. Leibovitz’s deadline on Tuesday to pay back a $24 million loan to Art Capital Group, a company that issues loans against fine and decorative arts and real estate, for which she used her three Greenwich Village homes and the copyright to her entire collection of work as collateral.

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Anonymous said...

Ive never seen this many frauds exposed during this recession.
Madoff, wallstreet, banks, politicians, bush administration, right wing Christians etc.

The ad industry and the good ole boys network is next on the list to be exposed. That pending lawsuit is gonna expose a lot of people. Change is coming. The soon will be milked.