Monday, September 14, 2009

7100: Mad Men Goes Multicultural.

This season of AMC series Mad Men has seemingly abandoned its original insistence on historical accuracy. For example, the British dude reprimanding Sterling Cooper staffers over expense reports and office supplies is like someone out of the 21st century versus 1960.

The latest episode also featured a totally fantastic scenario involving racial elements. Pete Campbell was shocked to learn Negroes were possibly buying televisions from Admiral, an account he oversees at the agency. Later, Campbell probed elevator attendant Hollis for insights on Black consumers. Hollis actually displayed annoyance while cursing and snapping, “We’ve got bigger problems to worry about than a TV, OK?” To complete the bizarro spectacle, Campbell made a presentation to the Admiral clients and recommended shifting the marketing budget between Whites and Blacks—and he even showed copies of Ebony and Jet. Of course, the clients rejected the proposal. A confused Campbell was blasted for his multicultural initiatives by the agency brass, with Roger Sterling calling him Martin Luther King. But in the end, the British dude remarked that Sterling Cooper should investigate opportunities for targeting Blacks.

Plus, during a dream sequence starring Betty Draper and her parents, Betty’s mother appeared beside a Black man/Medgar Evers. “See what happens to people who speak up…” said Betty’s mother while clutching a bloody towel. What. The. Fuck.

Mad Men has lost its sense of nostalgia. Maybe next week, Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh will join the agency. Or Marcus Graham.

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