Saturday, September 12, 2009

7093: Element 79 ≠ Gold.

Can’t help but think this actual craigslist ad demonstrates the lack of respect traditional advertising agencies have for digital creatives. The joint is seeking a Flash Developer “intern” whose role will entail producing client-billable work—with skills that far exceed the traditional junior adperson’s—while receiving around minimum wage for his/her efforts. They’ll probably be tasked with maintaining the agency Facebook page too.

Ad Agency needs Flash Developer intern (Downtown Chicago)

Date: 2009-09-11, 1:07PM CDT
Reply to:

The Flash Developer intern will be developing Flash elements at Element 79, working to create new web banners, assist with developing content for websites and updating existing websites.

This candidate should have experience in most components of the Flash development skill set, as well as some basic Web Development skill set, including HTML and CSS. This candidate should have the ability to deliver projects successfully and on time with some oversight required. Knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop also required.

The Flash Developer intern is called upon to develop new Flash-based solutions for planned or existing sites, and to integrate technology into these sites. This candidate should have excellent technical skills, proven people and communication skills.

This is an internship position that may turn into a full time position for the right candidate.

35-40 hours/week.
USD $10/hr

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Anonymous said...

element 79 they still exist? lol