Monday, November 10, 2014

12209: Join The Havas Family!

Havas Worldwide Chicago launched The Havas Winternship to lure seven interns for a 10-week stint during the heart of a frigid Chicago winter. The contrived competition is trying awfully hard to be cool, seemingly more interested in hyping an agency that never fails to draw haters whenever its name appears at AgencySpy—hell, there were two sharp comments posted for the one-line announcement appearing in the daily Odds and Ends listing! It will be interesting to see if the winners are actually chosen based on their creative performance in the contest. After all, Havas is a company fueled by nepotism and cronyism. Any candidate with even faint blood ties to staffers, clients or the Bolloré family will certainly win an opportunity to craft junk mail for Citi and other lower-tier brands. Why, the kids’ entry submissions may be the only innovative things they produce throughout their Havas tour of duty.

Finally, let’s hope the selection process considers the third promise in the Havas Group’s Six Commitments To Progress: To promote diversity and expand health insurance and employee benefits internationally. Although it’s safe to bet the interns will not enjoy health insurance or employee benefits—unless they are related to the Bolloré family.

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