Friday, November 14, 2014

12224: Offensive Karma Hits Patriots…?

USA TODAY reported on the New England Patriots Twitter promotion gone racially awry. As this blunder was not blatantly deliberate on the Patriots’ part, it will be interesting to see if Offensive Karma comes into play as the team heads towards the playoffs. For now, place your bets on the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Patriots on Sunday.

Patriots apologize for tweeting racial slur in Twitter promotion

By Nina Mandell

On Thursday, the Patriots official Twitter account had a promotion where they thanked some of the followers who helped them reach a million followers with “digital custom jerseys”.

To make the jerseys the official account took the user’s twitter name and then added it onto the jersey and tweeted it. This included one user whose name was “I hate [racial slur]“, which quickly went viral.

On Thursday night, the Patriots issued an apology for the tweet.

While none were as offensive as the tweet the Patriots apologized for, some pretty ridiculous ones continued to get through:

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