Thursday, November 27, 2014

12259: Thanksgiving Musings.

Given that November is Native American Heritage Month, Thanksgiving seems like the appropriate day to acknowledge the honor. The Native Americans attending the original Thanksgiving feast were the Wampanoags, who ultimately helped the Pilgrim invaders survive in the unfamiliar land. Additionally, the main menu item was likely venison—provided by the Wampanoags—versus turkey (a delicacy that Native Americans also introduced to the Pilgrims). The Wampanoags were considered to be devilish heathens by the Pilgrims, which is ironic when realizing the Pilgrims probably would have died and gone straight to hell if not for the Wampanoags’ life-saving support. For many Native Americans today, Thanksgiving is the National Day of Mourning. Thankfully, the NFL didn’t schedule a holiday game featuring the Washington Redskins.

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