Sunday, November 30, 2014

12269: Panning Cinema Ads Research.

Campaign reported on some useless research involving the alleged effectiveness of cinema advertising. According to a recent study, cinema ads are eight times more effective at making brands stand out than TV commercials. Gee, that’s about as earth-shattering as discovering Kraft content gets four times better ROI versus advertising. For starters, cinema ads don’t have the same competition for attention, as moviegoers are almost forced to watch. The research showed people recalled the cinema ads better than TV spots. But since when has message recall equated to sales bumps? Plus, advertisers who simply run their TV commercials in theatres often receive eye rolls and dismissive groans from audiences. Even the Campaign story pointed out the pointlessness in drawing any conclusions based on the study results. Oh, and the research was conducted by a source called Digital Cinema Media. Can’t imagine these clowns had any vested interest in presenting the data in flowery fashion.

Cinema ads eight times more effective at making brands stand out than TV, says DCM

By Gurjit Degun

Ads shown in cinemas have more of an impact on the audience compared with those watching TV, according to research by Digital Cinema Media (DCM).

The study, which was presented at DCM’s Upfronts event at Bafta this morning, found cinema ads are “processed by the brain more consciously” and so concluded that cinema is “more powerful and emotionally engaging”.

The study was conducted by Hall & Partners, and included 1,200 participants including a cinema “cell” that was recruited in the foyer of cinemas and a TV “cell” recruited through an online panel.

The results concluded that cinema ads are just over eight times more effective at making a brand stand out.

Both samples were asked how many of a range of ads they remembered seeing. While 13 per cent of the cinema sample remembered the brand they had seen in the cinema, only 1.6 per cent of the TV sample could do the same.

It also found that those watching ads in a cinema are twice as likely to recall a brand, than those viewing TV ads.

When the participants were shown an unbranded still from an ad, three times as many of those who saw it in the cinema were able to recall which brand it was for.

Simon Rees, the chief executive at DCM, said: “Maybe we’re stating the obvious, but the sheer impact and engagement of watching an ad on the big screen means cinema is the medium of choice when it comes to strengthening a brand, delivering key messages, increasing awareness and attracting new customers, especially amongst a desirable, hard to reach target audience.”

However, Lindsey Clay, the chief executive of Thinkbox, the marketing body for TV advertising, questioned the findings, saying people only visit the cinema occasionally.

She said: “TV is a major part of everyday life and the foundation of the biggest brands. IPA Touchpoints shows that going to the cinema accounts for 0.4 per cent of the average person’s media day; watching TV accounts for 48 per cent.

“Seventy-five per cent of the UK goes to the cinema in a year; TV reaches 93 per cent a week.

“So cinema is a great addition to TV advertising but in no way is it a replacement. These findings need some perspective.”

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