Monday, July 24, 2017

13760: Regulating White-Women Worship.

Adweek shat out a lengthy turd titled, “Why the U.S. Ad Industry Will Never Regulate Gender Stereotypes.” Oh, really? The White women’s bandwagon will absolutely demand and direct regulation of gender stereotypes—and White men will eagerly jump on board—ultimately providing a smokescreen to avoid dealing with all the racial and ethnic stereotypes so prevalent in advertising campaigns, as well as the discriminatory racial and ethnic profiling that fuels exclusivity in advertising agencies. Clients and trade organizations are already pushing matters, and a spike in gender-friendly awards seals the deal. It’s a safe bet that the U.S. advertising industry will regulate gender stereotypes long before the 66 years it will take to bring diversity to the field.

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Anonymous said...

America's ad industry seems to be tackling the issue by throwing all the power, weight, accountability and especially money at gender diversity that they never dedicated to ethnic diversity.

If there's any left over, it's being dedicated to "diversity of thought" and "unconscious bias training".

Thanks, white guys and gals. I'll just keep waiting here at the back of the bus. :/