Friday, September 18, 2020

15145: Mickey D’s Is Probably Not Lovin’ It…

Business Insider published a supersized report on Denise Paleothodoros, the ex-girlfriend of ex-Mickey D’s CEO Steve Easterbrook. The two met while Paleothodoros worked on the fast food account at PR firm Golin and Easterbrook served as McDonald’s chief brand officer—although Paleothodoros was removed from the business after openly acknowledging the relationship to her employer. So, technically, the affair did not violate the Golden Arches’ golden rule forbidding copulation between coworkers. And Paleothodoros doesn’t appear to be involved with the sexually explicit text messages and photos collected on Easterbrook’s mobile phone. All of which makes the 1750-word Business Insider story a lot less interesting than Ronald McDonald’s alleged romance with Burger King’s mascot.

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