Wednesday, September 02, 2020

15129: That ‘80s Show Starring Mark Read And Cindy Gallop.



More About Advertising extended the coverage, commentary and cultural cluelessness inspired by WPP CEO Mark Read uttering an ageist remark. To recap, when an analyst asked if WPP has the right balance of staffers skilled in TV and digital, Read replied, “We have a very broad range of skills, and if you look at our people—the average age of someone who works at WPP is less than 30—they don’t hark back to the 1980s, luckily.” Now Read is taking heat from a true 1980s classic—Cindy Gallop—who tweeted, “The reason our industry is ageist as fuck is because the older white men who run it (and bizarrely don’t seem to think that #ageism applies to them in any way) fetishize youth.” Gallop should know, as she has repeatedly expressed her fetish for fucking dating youthful men.

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