Friday, November 16, 2012

10742: Nondiscriminatory Hypocrisy.

The Oregonian reported Intel will stop donating money to the Oregon Boy Scouts over the Scouts’ biased position on gays. Intel’s donation requirements now attach a nondiscrimination pledge to any financial support. “At the end of the year, to get their grants, we’re going to require them to send a letter that they are in compliance with our nondiscrimination policies,” explained Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. “We feel strongly about the underlying values that are Intel, very strongly that we have a nondiscrimination policy on a wide variety of issues. And if you aren’t complying, you shouldn’t be asking us for money.”

Okay, forget the culturally clueless Intel ad produced a few years ago. The question is, why doesn’t Intel apply its progressive policies and diversity commitments to the advertising agencies partnering with the company? Clients advocate for inclusivity while conspiring with White shops built on exclusivity. Over the years, Intel and other major brands have teamed up with ad agencies that make the Ku Klux Klan look like, well, Boy Scouts.

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