Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10793: Free Advice From MultiCultClassics.

Wanted to elaborate on the previous post regarding a botched press release for Allison Pescosolido that led to a botched publicist response. Laura Martinez had received a communication featuring terrible Spanish translation and wound up posting it on her blog. A publicist for Pescosolido sought to explain the mishap and ask Martinez to take down the post. For starters, the publicist should have let the responsible PR firm handle the affair versus clumsily compounding the mess. Regardless, MultiCultClassics is publishing the publicist’s email to Martinez and offering a better response—free of charge.

Here’s the publicist’s original email:

Hi Laura:

My name is Nicole Wool. I am the publicist for Allison Pescosolido. I saw the release that you posted from Pivotal PR regarding Allison. I am so very sorry. Pivotal was handling elements of Allison’s campaign, and a publicist in that office who is Latin, translated this pitch on the publicist’s (John’s) behalf. Unbeknownst to John and contrary to what John’s colleague represented, her Spanish is clearly not strong.

Is there any way you might please consider taking down your post? I realize it must have come off as insulting and inexperienced. However, it is terribly embarrassing to Allison. She did not approve this pitch, nor did she have any awareness that the PR firm sent it out on her behalf. She is a great expert and doesn’t deserve to be collateral damage in what was clearly a major mistake. She has worked very hard to build an excellent reputation and helped many people.

Might you please consider taking it down? I am happy to discuss this with you and to do whatever it takes to make this right.

Nicole Wool | CEO

Here’s MultiCultClassics’ suggested response:

Dear Laura Martinez,

My name is Nicole Wool. I am the publicist for Allison Pescosolido and I am reaching out to you about the release that you posted from Pivotal PR.

First, I am sorry you received the release and hope you were not offended in any way. Pivotal PR was handling elements of Allison’s campaign and clearly utilized an individual whose Spanish translation capabilities are limited.

Needless to say, Allison is terribly embarrassed over the incident. She did not approve the pitch and was not apprised that the PR firm sent it out on her behalf.

Allison is a great expert—she has strived to build an excellent reputation and has helped many people. The release you received does not represent Allison at all.

On behalf of Allison, I apologize for the mistake. Rest assured, we will work to ensure things are properly handled in the future. Please let me know if you have any questions or wish to discuss the matter further. Thank you very much.

Nicole Wool | CEO

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