Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10735: Ad Boss Says Latinos Are Lazy.

AgencySpy posted a Blind Item that underscores the cultural cluelessness and latent—or blatant—racism present in our industry. A “higher-up at a well-known…non-traditional agency” was apparently annoyed with his staff’s tardiness and sought to address matters by sitting in the reception area to record daily arrivals. In his subsequent memo, he stated the following:

Interestingly from a social perspective, there seems to be a strong correlation between nationality and timeliness…the orderly flow of northern europeans before 9am giving way to a casual samba just before 10am.

Um, did the douche bag essentially announce that White folks are prompt and Latinos are chronically late—and even make a “samba” reference for added offensiveness? ¡Ay Caramba, Gringo!

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