Friday, July 03, 2015

12745: MillerCoors Musical Chairs.

The beer industry has made lots of dramatic moves in recent days. Now Advertising Age reported MillerCoors is playing musical chairs with White CMOs, which will likely lead to dumping White advertising agencies. Give MillerCoors credit for cleaning its own mess first before blaming White shops for poor sales. But not too much credit, as the brewer has consistently produced awful advertising for at least a decade—and produced awful beer for even longer.

CMO Andy England Leaving MillerCoors

David Kroll Named CMO, Kevin Doyle Named President-Sales and Distributor Operations

By Courtney Fishman

Today MillerCoors announced that CMO Andy England will be replaced by David Kroll, effective immediately. As a part of restructuring at the company, Ed McBrien, president-sales and distributor operations, is also leaving after 21 years with the company. His successor is Kevin Doyle.

Messrs. Kroll and Doyle will report directly to Gavin Hattersley, interim CEO, who expressed confidence about the brewer’s restructuring efforts.

“We’re not satisfied with our volume performance, so we need to take action to change that dynamic,” Mr. Hattersley said.

Mr. Kroll joined MillerCoors in 2012 as VP-innovation. He previously held positions in marketing at Procter & Gamble and served as VP-innovation at Dyson.

“David Kroll has played a critical role in introducing Redd’s and Smith & Forge,” said Mr. Hattersley in a statement. “He is a bold and decisive leader with marketing experience beyond beer, and I am excited to see what he can do to shape our marketing efforts in the digital age.”

Mr. Doyle has climbed the ranks since joining MillerCoors in 1983. He most recently served as chief commercial solutions officer.

“Kevin Doyle has a long track record of success and a healthy level of impatience and commitment to sales execution. Kevin is an inspiring leader with a deep understanding of the beer business, the current state of retail and the opportunities for our portfolio,” Mr. Hattersley said.


Code312 said...

I'm old enough to remember a time when all these big beer companies actually utilized ethnic ad agencies in a meaningful way, and ethnic vendors, too.

Through the years they started shifting all the accounts to all-white agencies, and since they only in turn hired their all-white friends, plenty of ethnic ad pros got shut out or got out of the business entirely.

And I'm not talking a few people of color were frozen out of beer accounts, I'm talking LOTS. Enough to have made a difference in the dismal numbers we see today in 2015.

So, you know what? I'm happy to see big beer brands dying and craft beer, real craft beer, surging. That's karma for giving all the work to white ad agencies and sticking a couple of black or Latin talent on the front of it (in photos & ads) in order to get ethnic dollars in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

I'll raise a craft beer that .