Friday, July 24, 2015

12785: Think Different, Apple.

Advertising Age published a story titled, “Apple on Agency Hunt to Support New And Existing Retail Initiatives.” This poses a perfect opportunity for Apple to do something breakthrough in the tech world—as well as make good on its commitment to diversity and demonstrate the spirit of The Crazy Ones—by hiring a minority advertising agency. Think different indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Doubtful it will happen. Remember, now we know what CMOS and brands are looking for in ad agencies. One that thinks exactly like they do.

So unless there's some ad agency out there that's black (or Asian or Latin) on paper only, with more insight, experience and comfort level in the white community, consumers and tech community than into modern American consumers (who are multicultural and younger), Apple's just going to go with the same old choices like always.

“How do you pick an agency? I mean, when I’m researching a new agency, I look on Twitter too, along with Google. I’m looking for people WHO THINK LIKE I THINK.”