Monday, July 20, 2015

12773: Lies Of London.

Campaign published a story titled, “Adland’s hottest imports”—which essentially showed how diversity is a joke in the London advertising agency community. That is, there appears to be greater enthusiasm for recruiting creatives of color from Argentina and Brazil versus looking locally. It’s also quite probable that more “diversity hires” are coming via international imports, excluding the numerous White women being liberated from their oh-so-terrible woes of underrepresentation. Plus, the faux progress might be completely offset by the White men lured from countries like Germany. London bridges are falling down in regards to building bridges with non-White cultures.


Anonymous said...

Remove the entertainment talent, the celebrities and influencers, and you’re left with the best and brightest in US advertising being comprised of two black guys, one black woman, and a bunch of foreign Brazilians in lieu of US Latinos.


Anonymous said...

Cue the Brazilian invasion. The Brazilian creative who did the stupid black rapper stereotype ads? He brought his corrupt South American friends to the NYC party.

Now the agency will try and claim they have tons of multicultural diversity and trot out these foreign clowns to tick off the American diversity box.