Friday, July 24, 2015

12784: Honey Maid Disabled Diversity.

Adweek spotlighted the latest Honey Maid commercial that is offensive on so many covert levels. The Adweek story stated, “Honey Maid has become one of the most famous brands embracing such diversity in its ads…” Plus, Mondelēz International Portfolio Lead for Biscuits Gary Osifchin declared, “The ‘This Is Wholesome’ campaign launched in March of 2014 and has been committed to featuring a cross-section of the American family. From a same-sex couple and single dad, to a mixed-race military family, a blended and an immigrant family, the sweet moments between a disabled aunt and her niece are just another example of Honey Maid’s commitment to feature real American families and the wholesome connections they share.” Talk about bullshit on a biscuit. Mondelēz International is allegedly devoted to diversity, with a manifesto on inclusiveness that reads like a Hallmark poem. Yet the company conspires with a White advertising agency—Droga5—where exclusivity reigns. How many same-sex couples, mixed-race military families, immigrants (beside David Droga) and disabled people are members of the Droga5 clan? Hell, how many ordinary minorities are in the fold? Mondelēz International’s hypocrisy is shameful. And for Droga5 to position itself as a progressive, humanitarian enterprise is despicable.

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