Saturday, July 25, 2015

12788: Weekend White Folks Wrap-Up.

Helen McRae continued the rise of White women by being named UK CEO of Mindshare. Mindshare Global CEO Nick Emery gushed, “Helen is a rare talent able to lead intellectually and is a demon shit-kicker.” Wow, a woman that can “lead intellectually” is a rare bird indeed. However, “demon shit-kicker” is a not a good term to use in light of the controversy surrounding media kickbacks.

Meanwhile, McRae’s glass-ceiling-busting feat was offset when OMD appointed a White man, Dan Clays, as its UK CEO. No word if Clays is a “demon shit-kicker” as well. The photo above, however, shows he’s a demon crotch-grabber.

Andrew Dimitriou was crowned Y&R President of Europe. Y&R Global CEO David Sable said, “Andrew is a true globalist and a thoughtful integrated marketer, no doubt because he is a creative and entrepreneurial thinker.” If Dimitriou is a “true globalist,” why is he only overseeing one White continent?

Chris Carroll returned to Subway in a marketing leadership role, perhaps replacing former CMO Tony Pace in a typical White man swap. At this point, Carroll’s official title and responsibilities are as guarded as the investigation that Jared Fogle is facing.

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upeaster said...

I am praying for the day there's enough POC movement news to report in one month, it merits its own post.