Wednesday, July 22, 2015

12781: CCO = Chiefly Caucasian Officers.

Adweek’s “10 Chief Creative Officers Who Are Inspiring Breakthrough Work at U.S. Agencies” are chiefly White men and White women.


Centralia said...

But, but, but. . . There's a BRAZILIAN!

I mean, he and his agency have never done a damn thing with any Latinos in the US ever, or lifted a single finger to involve themselves with Latino anything (unless you count shoveling all the jobs to their friends in South America), but maybe some day he might!

So he should totally count for US diversity, right?!

HighJive said...

Well, it all was qualified with "chiefly," realizing a few might be non-White.

Anonymous said...

Why does adland have this obsession with Brazilians all of a sudden? What's driving this?

HighJive said...

It's not a sudden phenomenon. Brazilians produce a lot of work that gets noticed in awards shows — even if much of the stuff are scam ads.

SoBe Hell said...

The bigger question is why these south american creatives and agency heads come to the USA and immediately start with the corruption and payoffs and money funneling.

Isn’t anybody watching where the money goes? It’s endemic at a couple of agencies. Like the big unspoken secret nobody’s supposed to discuss. Everybody knows, nobody says anything.