Friday, July 17, 2015

12767: FleishmanHillard Lies About Diversity.

This ultra-lame Avaya video by public relations firm FleishmanHillard demonstrates why public relations firms should not be allowed anywhere near a creative project. Most disturbing is the complete lack of diversity, save for an obligatory “safe” Asian character. A peek at FleishmanHillard’s leadership shows eerily similar racial and ethnic representation. Of course, FleishmanHillard pontificates on its commitment to diversity, but the Avaya video shows their true colors. In the end, their diversity statement is a bunch of PR bullshit:

FleishmanHillard’s success is rooted in a rich culture of inclusion, one that boasts diverse thinkers united by values that embrace diversity for the common purpose of creating meaningful, impactful communications. Through our Diversity Matters efforts, we’re addressing the industry’s diversity issues, including establishing fellowships for college students and recent grads, as well as partnerships with industry organizations.

Like the Avaya video, it’s an example of stuff White business people say.

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Anonymous said...

When agencies and even PR firms have no real diversity, or hope of diversity, they fall back on this vague "diversity of thought" and "creative diversity" jargon.

They'll keep doing that until someone holds the flame under their feet and makes them, like Google and the tech world, cough up the actual number of diverse hires in their organizations.