Monday, July 27, 2015

12790: Diversity Stunt From McKinney…?

McKinney seems awfully proud of itself for hiring the industry’s youngest intern, shamelessly maximizing the PR opportunities via Digiday and Durham magazine. However, MultiCultClassics predicted White advertising agencies would eventually recruit embryos to boost diversity figures—so handing an internship to a 12-year-old is no surprise. A peek at the agency website clearly indicates McKinney is struggling mightily to lure adult minorities. The North Carolina-based agency previously displayed cultural cluelessness when appearing on AMC series The Pitch in 2012. But bringing a kid on board for a mere week is, well, weak. That said, Glenn Green deserves an ADCOLOR® Award at least.


Anonymous said...

If I have something to send to you regarding an agency that's an attachment, where can I email it?

HighJive said...

If you wish, leave your email address via a comment (which we will not publish), and a blog staffer will email you. Thanks.