Tuesday, July 28, 2015

12793: MDC WTF.

Advertising Age published a report titled, “Timeline of Recent MDC Events In Case You’ve Been Sleeping.” If you weren’t sleeping already, you will be after viewing the series of escapades. Then again, perhaps it’s the deliberate intent of MDC PR efforts; that is, fool the industry into believing there’s nothing of great interest brewing at the White holding company in order to avoid closer investigation that would reveal the enterprise is thoroughly corrupt. After all, the average MDC employee probably gets reprimanded for raiding the hotel mini-bar during production trips—versus having to reimburse the company over $10.5 million for non-billable expenses.

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Anonymous said...

Someone who posted before about ad agencies putting everyone on the diversity boat first before people of color (in order of white women, white LGBT, white disabled people, white old people, etc. THEN POC) totally nailed it.

I can’t decide which of these comments from DDB is more bullshit:


“The definition of diversity is subjective” (which I guess gives you leeway to claim ‘hiring push for all white women = diversity’ these days)


“But nobody ever talks about generational diversity. Right now, we have three different generations in the workforce” (because the only way DDB can claim to be diverse is if they count old white people, middle aged white people and young white people in their agencies as separate “diverse” entities)


“DDB specifically was built on the premise of diversity and inclusion” (because they put a white man and a white woman together GASP! years ago).