Saturday, July 18, 2015

12768: Weekend White Man Wrap-Up.

Energy BBDO Chief Creative Officer Mark Taylor resigned for personal reasons (are there really any other reasons to resign?), and the White advertising agency has no plans to replace him. Such a wasted opportunity to promote diversity by doing something groundbreaking and hiring a White woman for the role.

New MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer David Kroll said the following about his company’s campaigns: “I think we have been just a bit too scattered across our messaging over the past several years. In any given year we have shifted campaigns three, four, five times. And I think over time that really starts eroding the meaning of our brands. And you will see me very focused on bringing that consistency back.” If he’s like most new CMOs, Kroll will accomplish his goal by replacing all of his shitty White advertising agencies with fresh White advertising agencies. And then resuscitate the Miller Lite Catfight girls.

Hershey Company opted for White chocolate when hiring Peter Horst as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Look forward to Horst planting Hershey’s Kisses on new White advertising agencies.

Former Havas CEO David Jones believes the traditional White advertising agency network could be dead in 10 years. Um, it’s been flatlining for over a decade already—and Jones had a bird’s eye view of the death spiral as a leader of the perpetually impotent Havas.

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Brilliant. Please keep doing this.