Sunday, July 31, 2016


Advertising Age reported on the Corporate Cultural Collusion between IHOP and IPG, with the pancake seller swapping White advertising agencies within the White holding company network. “We thought about other agencies and other resources within IPG before we even thought about going outside of the system,” said IHOP Senior VP-Marketing Kirk Thompson. Yes, heaven forbid one might find something different and better from another White holding company. Guess the colorless, generic degradation of the industry makes all White advertising agencies look alike. The scenario is most outrageous because the account shifted to Campbell Ewald L.A., part of a franchise that recently lost clients as a result of racist rowdiness. Amazingly, Campbell Ewald L.A. has a minority division—sociedAD—to handle Latino marketing for IHOP. Hey, it is the International House Of Pancakes, although sociedAD will soon discover the true value of pancake crumbs.

IHOP Switches IPG Agencies, Hires Campbell Ewald L.A.

After Four Years With Dailey, Pancake Chain Aims to Move ‘at Warp Speed’

By Jessica Wohl

IHOP is hungry for another Interpublic Group agency’s creative approach.

The pancake chain has picked Campbell Ewald L.A. as its new creative agency, replacing Dailey L.A. after a four-year run.

“Those years with Dailey took our work very far forward. It was time to build on that success and pause and think about what’s the best way to take it onto the next level,” Kirk Thompson, senior VP-Marketing, IHOP Restaurants, said in an interview. “We needed to do everything we were doing well at warp speed.”

The change comes after a multi-agency review that took place entirely within IPG, Mr. Thompson said.

“We thought about other agencies and other resources within IPG before we even thought about going outside of the system,” he said, adding that the 58-year old chain wants to build on what it has been doing.

For IHOP, breakfast competition has been heating up. Denny’s, for example, just came out with a new pancake recipe, while McDonald’s has been selling breakfast throughout the day since October. At the same time, potential patrons are being more influenced than ever with messages across TV, print, radio, digital and social.

IHOP has changed agencies a number of times in recent years. It worked with IPG’s McCann L.A. from 2002 through 2007, MDC Partners’ Vitro from 2007 to 2010, then returned to McCann L.A. from 2010 to 2012 before working with Dailey from 2012 until this switch.

IHOP is currently advertising its line of “Paradise Pancakes” for the summer. It has also been promoting itself as the home of Breakfast All Day.

Campbell Ewald’s first work on the brand should break in late September and is expected to include a new tagline, which Mr. Thompson declined to share. IHOP’s new work will also include Hispanic advertising led by sociedAD, part of Campbell Ewald.

“Many of us on the Campbell Ewald team have cherished memories of eating at IHOP with our families and friends and we’re thrilled to bring this overwhelming love that guests and fans have for the iconic brand to life through the creative,” Campbell Ewald CEO Kevin Wertz said in a statement provided by IHOP.

IHOP will continue to work with other IPG agencies as well, MRM/McMCann on digital and social and BPN on media strategy and planning.

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Anonymous said...

"Campbell Ewald L.A. has a minority division—sociedAD—to handle Latino marketing for IHOP."



Campbell Ewald has a skeleton crew of voiceless, creative-less TRANSLATORS that sit back and translate whatever the main Campbell Ewald crew tells them to translate.

They occasionally get invited to sit in on new businesses pitches to show the clients Campbell Ewald's "vast Total Market capabilities", or tossed a cheap PSA bone to chew on, but SociedAD is a D-list team of forgotten stepchildren who sit apart at the kid's table.

THAT is how you cultivate an ad agency culture that gives you a Ghetto Party. You make sure all the people in charge are white, and surrounded by white friends, and you shuffle any actual minorities off into a dusty corner.