Wednesday, January 09, 2019

14464: Welcome To 2019, Where Bullshit Is An Everyday Thing.

Campaign published more Welcome to 2019 reports—continuing to unintentionally show 2019 will be a smokescreen-filled rerun of 1919 and every year since.

The unsustainable ad agency business model regurgitated the recognition of broken business models, consolidation, consultancies, in-house outhouses and more. Once again, Campaign tapped an all-White panel to pontificate on the state of affairs, although the trade journal diversified the action figures illustrating the piece.

Confronting the diversity backlash sought to address exclusivity and inclusivity by tapping an almost-all-White panel—and spotlighting Black man and White woman action figures. Sorry, but the commentators are not qualified to address matters:

• Havas London and Havas Helia CEO Xavier Rees lacks credibility by virtue of representing a White holding company fueled by nepotism.

• Creative Equals Founder and CEO Ali Hanan is arguably most interested in gender equality—and gender equality for White women, to be specific. Hanan whined, “Change is slow, messy and hard.” Yeah, and she damn well knows it’s significantly slower, messier and harder for people from BAME categories. In adland, change is not slow, messy and hard. Rather, discrimination is: 1) lightning quick; 2) organized and institutionalized and; 3) painlessly perpetuated and easily excused.

Divertsity Diva and Pseudo Provocateur Cindy Gallop gushed gobbledygook that will undoubtedly benefit one half-Chinese executive. Looks like sexual harassment is no longer the single biggest business issue in the industry and India. In 2019, Gallop is promoting White-women-led holding companies, White men jumping on the White women’s bandwagon, the exposure of sexual predators, the eradication of racism and the embracing of White elders. Act now—Gallop’s keynote speaker schedule is filling fast!

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