Thursday, October 18, 2018

14339: Gallop Gall.

Campaign published international idiocy from Divertsity Diva Cindy Gallop, who sought to globally extend her pseudo-influencer status by hammering the men of India over sexual harassment. Gallop altered her message for Indian men, transitioning from declaring sexual harassment is the biggest business issue in our industry to branding it as the “biggest issue facing every industry and society today.” Yes, sexual harassment deserves more attention than poverty, famine, war, crime, addiction, terrorism, racism, crumbling economies, natural disasters, global warming and any other trifling world crises outside of Gallop’s self-absorbed bubble. Somebody designate the woman as a candidate to replace Nikki Haley as United States Ambassador to the United Nations pronto.

But seriously, sexual harassment is clearly a huge problem that must be addressed. Victims and potential victims must be supported, protected and defended, while guilty parties must face the consequences. At the same time, exaggerating matters doesn’t help the cause, and might actually adversely affect how people respond and react.

What’s more, it’s pretty likely that the average Indian male—and even the average Indian male in advertising—doesn’t know Gallop from Gallagher. As a public service, here’s all anyone needs to know: Gallop boasts, “I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business,” and Gallagher likes to smash watermelons. It’s a safe bet Indian men would unanimously prefer Gallagher.

Oh, and Michael Bay is a world-class artist at blowing things up. Gallop just blows shit.

Cindy Gallop: India’s men must call out harassment too

A view from Cindy Gallop

As women in the Indian advertising industry continue to share allegations, the British advertising consultant and vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement calls for more women—and men—in India to keep speaking up.

I am delighted to see that the women of India are finally breaking silence and naming names of #metoo perpetrators. Sexual harassment and assault is as all-pervasive in every Indian industry as it is in every industry around the world.

To those women who are speaking up: Thank you, thank you, thank you. To those women who have not yet spoken up: Please take strength from your sisters and consider raising your voice, because there is no better time to finally speak out than now. But equally, that choice is yours to make.

I do want to call out to the men of India—men who stood by, watched, stayed silent, participated, laughed, shielded other men—now is your chance to put that right. Please come forward and support Indian women, by calling out the men you know have been giving masculinity a bad name for years.

And to every man, in leadership or below: You need to do just two things. Listen to women. And believe women. If nobody speaks up, nothing changes. And #MeToo must lead to change, because sexual harassment is destroying the Indian economy and India’s chance of a successful future through forward-thinking, innovative business and enlightened, progressive society.

The biggest issue facing every industry and society today is sexual harassment—because it forces women out of companies and industries, destroys women’s ambitions and derails their careers, by destroying their confidence, their security and their sense of self.

In doing that, this abuse is keeping out of power and leadership the female leaders who would innovate and transform every area of business and society. India cannot afford to hold itself back on every front by allowing perpetrators to continue unpunished and uneradicated.

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