Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Essay 4320

Toying around with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Holy Bat Toys! Mattel wound up recalling 9 million items made in China. The toys include stuff containing magnets or lead paint. At this point, it would be safer to simply give your kids razor-sharp Chinese ninja stars.

• Nokia warned that 46 million of its cell phones may contain defective batteries. The batteries—surprise, surprise—were produced in China. Somebody should send the Energizer Bunny to China to straighten things out.

• Fired shock jock Don Imus settled with former employer CBS over contract disputes. It’s safe to guess Imus collected a lot of loot. However, he may need some of it to deal with a lawsuit filed against him by a woman from the Rutgers basketball team. “This is about Kia Vaughn’s good name,” said the woman’s lawyer. “She would do anything to return to her life as a student and respected basketball player—a more simple life before Imus opened his mouth.” But in lieu of a more simple life, she’ll settle for a life of Imus-funded luxury.

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