Friday, August 24, 2007

Essay 4369

Big news in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Mickey D’s Big Mac is celebrating its 40th birthday with the opening of the Big Mac Museum Restaurant in Pennsylvania. The sandwich’s creator is pictured above, looking like he’s enjoyed a fair share of his own invention.

• Nicole Richie spent a whopping 82 minutes in jail, despite having been sentenced to a four-day stay. LA officials insist the decision to release her was based on the over-packed prisons. “Our jails are full quite a bit,” said a deputy. “This doesn’t just happen with Miss Richie, this happens to anyone else who is sentenced to the same thing.” As if Richie’s skinny little ass was taking up too much cell space.

• New York Knicks star Stephon Marbury was backpedaling after speaking out in support of Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick, who’s facing potential prison time for his dog-fighting involvement. Marbury was quoted as characterizing dog fighting as a sport, but he tried to clarify his statements a day later. The hoops star explained, “I never said dog fighting was a sport. I said, ‘From what I hear, dog fighting was a sport.’” From what we hear, Marbury is an idiot.

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HustleKnocker said...

To be fair, Marbury was actually misquoted.

What he did was parallel the lack of outrage against those who openly defend hunting ("shooting deer," as he put it) as a sport with those who engage in dogfighting as sport but purely from a public outcry standpoint.

problem with most athletes is even when they make a god point, they usually make it poorly which encourages them to talk even less about things they may actually care about.

as for Ms. Richie... 82 minutes? that's funny. Almost as funny as Lohan's one day for Cocaine and carjacking... and Hilton's 22 days for good behavior after showing up late and her momma insulting the judge.

only in america.