Monday, August 27, 2007

Essay 4382

Advertising Age launched a blog called “The Big Tent,” which is “devoted to the discussion of diversity in the advertising, marketing and media industries.”

The current lineup of participants shows promise: Tangerine-Watson’s Carol Watson, Arnold’s Tiffany R. Warren, The Hunter-Miller Group’s Pepper Miller, journalist extraordinaire Laura Martinez, IW Group’s Bill Imada, The Vidal Partnership’s Alberto J. Ferrer, Feit Family Ventures Corp.’s Jonathon S. Feit and GTM’s Karl Carter. Of course, Hadji Williams is already leaving comments—not sure why he isn’t on the official roster of writers.

While this appears to be a well-intentioned effort, it seems incomplete to hold a discussion on diversity without any White folks. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a segregated soapbox.

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Here’s the introduction presented by Advertising Age editor Ken Wheaton:

About The Big Tent

In politics, the “big tent” refers to a party in which diverse viewpoints are accepted, where the comfort of a unified ideology is exchanged for the clamor of many voices. While political scientists and historians might argue that the big tent has its limits when it comes to winning elections, it’s a necessity in industries that hope to reach out to all Americans.

Advertising Age’s The Big Tent is a blog devoted to the discussion of diversity in the advertising, marketing and media industries. Hiring practices, multicultural marketing, the role of “minority” shops, the inclusion of criteria beyond race and culture in diversity discussions -- we hope that entries from industry leaders in this arena will stimulate a year-round discussion on these matters.

And by all means, please jump into our comment section and join the conversation.

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